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The UNIBANX solution is a scalable architecture platform that includes an integrated suite of software subsystems for automating and integrating work and data flows across the investment management organization, as well as the information flows between the investment management organization and external parties. Our products are intended to reduce client costs, improve the accuracy of client information, and generally enable clients to improve the service they provide to their customers rather than focusing on operational details.

Each software component in UNIBANX focuses on certain mission-critical functions of the investment management organization. UNIBANX implementation is tailored to meet the needs of a particular market segment as determined by size, assets under management, and complexity of the investment environment.


UNIBANX, an enterprise investment management (EIM) solution, is an evolutionary process, which encompasses three distinct phases:
Investment Process Integration – involves the integration of front, middle, and back office components with each other as well as with standard productivity applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. This integration eliminates ineffective communication between processes, minimizes processing errors and training time, and enables client growth by reducing bottlenecks.
Data Collection and Reconciliation – enables the client to integrate the external data regarding pricing and settlements so that the firm can quickly and efficiently settle transactions and monitor performance in an automated fashion.
Customer Responsiveness – provides the ability to communicate more effectively with our clients’ customers in regard to their needs and holdings. This ability facilitates decision making for the client to have timely access to information in order to make more effective decisions on behalf of their customers.