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Latest news

Oxbridge Private Wealth Management chooses ExactFUND™. Exactsoft is pleased to announce that Oxbridge Private Wealth Management; Montreal, has selected our ExactFund product to manage and offer the Family Wealth Fund™ in Canada. ....Full story

Exactsoft announces the release of ExactLOAN, an integrated application designed to incorporate all financial lending and borrowing features and functionality. Although it shares design with other financial products, ExactLOAN is an integrated loan module that can be used by any financial management organization to open and manage any type of loans, such as mortgages, car loans, and pooled loans for individuals and / or corporations. ...Full story

Our Mission

Exactsoft's mission is to develop world-class software that meets customer requirements and provides a growth path to the future.

We offer financial and enterprise business solutions that unlocks valuable information and improves efficiency.

Through its project management expertise and in-depth product knowledge Exactsoft's personnel closely collaborates with customers to successfully face their challenges.